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Shepherds Rest Farm offers information about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, Oberhasli goats, and Boer and Boer-dairy goat crosses.

We are a Code of Ethics Breeder located in Newberg, Oregon. We occasionally breed one of our excellent working Anatolian females with the goal of producing beautiful, healthy, and sound Anatolian Shepherd Dogs with great working potential. See our litter page and visit our blog for updates, pictures of the dogs, puppies, and our goats. Statistics on litters and breeding quality percentages of litters can be found on our Puppies page. We invite your inquiries, so feel free to contact us with your questions.

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Image of Anatolian Shepherd Youngsters
Image of Anatolian Shepherd Unmatched Devotion
Unmatched Devotion

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Powerful Protector
Powerful Protector

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, the only defense ancient Turkish shepherds had against predators, have now become valued all over the world as reliable and trustworthy livestock guardian dogs (LGDs).

In the past, Turkish Shepherd Dogs were also used as hunting dogs in certain areas, and photos of this can be seen here.

Image of Shepherds Rest Anatolians Kara Kaplan of Karapınar Import
Rare Coat Colors

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Brindle Import
Home of Çapar of Çardak
Rare Brindle Turkish Import!

Hardy in extreme temperatures or climates, and having a weatherproof coat, these powerful livestock protection dogs have extraordinary speed and amazing agility. Their impressive build and bark alone are enough to keep most predators away. Those predators that do venture too close are met by a courageous character now famous for defending its livestock from cheetahs, baboons, bears, wolves, coyotes, and many other predators. This seemingly invincible defender is also known for its devotion, sensitivity, and affection.

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Çapar of Çardak

By nature it is calm around those in its care and moves among them in a way that makes no disturbance. Its intelligence, strong territorial and protection instincts, as well as suspiciousness of unusual activities or situations, make this farm protection dog a viable working solution for farmers with livestock lost to predators.

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Loyal Guardian
Loyal Guardian

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Herd Guardian
A Calming Presence

Often more alert at night, periodically patrolling its boundaries, this dependable creature is always on guard. Ready to defend, melt your heart, or exasperate you with mischief (digging enormous caverns in the pasture or being Houdini), this magnificent breed is a true friend to farmers.

Anatolian Shepherd puppies do require supervision and guidance as their instinctual guardian behaviors emerge. While many seem natural guardians from puppyhood, some may need this watch-care for up to three years of age. These dogs are working dogs, and as such, should be friendly and familiar with family members without becoming a family pet, if you wish for them to guard livestock.

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Excavator of Vast Caverns
Excavator of Vast Caverns

Image of Anatolian Shepherd 6wk old puppy in a natural stack
Six week old female
Sire: Gunner (Topcu Subayi) ~*~ Dam: Biskit (Biskuvi)

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Puppies Image of Anatolian Shepherd Puppies
Puppies 4 weeks old ~~ Puppies 6 months old and 7 weeks old

Image of Anatolian Shepherd

Image of Anatolian Shepherd Kara cuddling Welcome and come back again!
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