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Image of Anatolian Shepherd Avsar's Nazli Import Image of Anatolian Shepherd Avsar's Nazli Import

Avsarís Nazli (import)
1-1-08 to 9-3-15
(7 years and 9 months old)
With Shepherds Rest Farm for 4 1/2 wonderful years.

Cause of Death: Euthanized due to kidney failure that did not respond to treatment.
Cause of kidney failure is unknown, but Nazli had a hard life in Turkey before she was imported.
Nazli is now young again and pain free. She is missed so very much, but her beloved spirit lives on here at Shepherds Rest Farm.
She had 4 litters and a total of 12 puppies at Shepherds Rest here in the U.S.

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Image of Anatolian Shepherd Çapar of Çardak Brindle Import

Çapar of Çardak
02-15-06 to 10-31-16
This treasure of a sweet boy had increasing difficulty getting around and when he began to indicate signs of suffering and coming death, we quickly had the vet out to euthanize him in his favorite spot near the shop where he could watch our house and driveway and guard the shop door. To date, this was our most difficult loss because he was such a miraculous discovery and import achievement, as well as being such a huge loving bear! He lives on through stored frozen semen, as well as many offspring, including Shepherds Rest Birnur and Shepherds Rest Topcu Subayi "Gunner."

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Image of Anatolian Shepherd Durkaya's Kara Panter Brindle Import

Durkaya's Kara Panter (brindle import)
3-16-11 to 2-26-19
Cause of Death: Panter, passed away 02/26/2019, the day of her spay. She woke after successful surgery then went to sleep and did not wake again. She never made it home after that spay. She was healthy at the time of spay. It was one of those sedation situations that can be deadly to Anatolians sometimes. So sad. DOB was 03-16-2011, so this beloved Turkish import was a few weeks shy of 8 years old.

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Gokkusagi's Akilli

Gokkusagi's Akilli
7-7-01 to 9-1-09
Cause of Death: Severe diabetes with complications

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Image of Shepherds Rest Anatolians Sirin Image of Shepherds Rest Anatolians Sirin

Gokkusagi's Sirin
04-09-02 to 09-24-15
(almost 13 1/2 years old)
Sirin had over 11 wonderful years at Shepherds Rest Farm, after we acquired her at 20 months old.
She died of old age, having lived a full and happy life. She had 5 litters at Shepherds Rest Farm, producing a total of 29 puppies. Her daughter Murekkep and granddaughter Kelebek continue her bloodlines at Shepherds Rest.

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Ormanüstü Duman

Ormanüstü Duman
01-05-07 to 2-17-17
Euthanized when back end quickly became crippled and then paralyzed such that he could no longer move his rear end to walk. We miss him terribly! He produced many breeding quality puppies and his offspring now carry his line into the future.

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Image of Anatolian Shepherd Rest Aygir

Shepherds Rest Aygir (brindle)
3-27-14 to Feb 2021
Cause of Death: due to fluid around the heart and the heart was unable to support the body.

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Shepherds Rest Topcu Subayi

Shepherds Rest Topcu Subayi "Gunner"
7-26-11 to 2-6-20
Cause of Death: Topcu Subayi (Gunner), passed away 02/06/2020. He was found asleep in his pasture at dinner time. He was buried on the property. No autopsy was done. DOB was 7-26-2011, so he was not quite 9 years old. He was our largest Anatolian ever, at over 36" at the shoulder. He was an all-time favorite of ours and most visitors!

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Sibel Can

Sibel Can (import)
4-4-05 to 9-25-09
Cause of Death: Pyometra & ruptured uterus

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