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Adult Working Dogs Available
Adult working dogs available from time to time.
Please email us for most up-to-date information on any current dogs available.

Image of Shepherds Rest Anatolians Samiye of Uludağ
April, 2013 @ 8 months old
Samiye is an awesome older adolescent import female that did not make the cut for my breeding program. She has been spayed and is available for adoption. She is terrific with people, loves her goats, and is used to being around and working with other Anatolians. Without training, she will not be good with chickens, although she is familiar with them. Contact me for information.
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Image of Shepherds Rest Anatolians Kara Kaplan of Karapınar Import
March, 2014 @ 8 months old
Kaplan is an 8 month old adolescent Turkish import male (very dark grey fawn) that did not quite meet our stringent breeding requirements. He will be neutered soon and be available to a new home. He is great with the goat bucks but loves people too. He knows a few basic commands, but otherwise is not well trained and would need good obedience training, as he is going to be a very big boy. He is a happy-go-lucky dog, always in great spirits and eager for adventure and attention. He loves his raw chicken necks for breakfast and will catch them in his mouth when tossed to him! He loves working with the other older dogs but gets along well with younger dogs as well. Contact me for information.
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